Teal Road Access Restoration Project

Phase I


Major restoration began Monday May 10th as Village employees prepared the area by the felling of a few trees and removing branches and brush with the assistance of commissioners.   Phase II will be the actual reconstruction and protection of the shoreline with rip rap.

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Teal Access Shoreline Village equipment ready to work Positioning the backhoe
Soft shoreline - heavy equipment Working to back out of the muck Using the new motor to direct the felling of trees
Keeping the line tight - Bill with his Muskie lure caught in a tree Click to download MOVIE Repositioning for the next tree
Helping Bill get his lure out of the tree Resetting the line on another tree Glenn overseeing tree selection
Ken Anderson trying to pull Bill's lure down Ken Anderson reaching for Bill's lure with a pruning hook Pruning hook in tree
Village employee reenactment of Iwo Jima Bill waiting and hoping for his lure Click to download MOVIE
Glenn working quickly before the next thunderstorm. Tree down and left for habitat Glenn removing branches and cleaning up the area


On May 18th the Lakes Commission meeting included a field trip to view the Teal Road Access Restoration Project.  Commissioner Glenn Green identifies some of the 150 plants already added to the area and reviewed plans for future plantings. 

Commissioners viewing the trees felled for access to the shoreline and habitat. Glenn identifying plants. Examining the serious erosion.


Teal Road Access Restoration Project

Phase II


In early June the stabilization of the shoreline with river rock rip rap began in between the heavy spring rains.  Village staff added the stone.  Commissioner Glenn Green put in extra effort to remove brush, introduce plants and bushes and nurtured and water them as necessary to insure their survival

Shoreline just before the addition of the rip rap
Blue Flag Iris and Arrowhead
Jacob's Ladder


Teal Road Access Restoration Project

Phase III


On June 15th the Village staff added the topsoil and wood chips in accordance with recommendations of Commissioner Glenn Green.  The Lakes Commission thanks Jim Stevens, Steve Auth and the team of Village employees for putting in extra effort to get this important restoration work done in a timely and excellent manner.  The team includes: Ken Anderson, Wayne Parsygnat, Rich Nissen, John Beterboer, Dan Buecher, Kevin O’Kean, Matt Pastori and Jim Motter.  Here is some more of their work.

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