Stocking of Lake Potomac


Lake Potomac was restored in 1999 and restocked with Largemouth Bass, Bluegill Channel Catfish and Tiger Muskie.  It is a very shallow lake that is prone to fish kills due to winter weather conditions and other bacterial toxins that can develop.  The fish population did well for 10 years despite occasional minor fish kills until 2009.  A winter fish kill followed by a bacterial fish kill in late July '09 impacted most of the fish in the lake.  Only a few adult bluegill reminded.  Since bluegill spawn 3 or 4 times a year some schools of YOY bluegill were observed when the IDNR did an electrofishing survey of the lake in September '09. 


Since the Lake Potomac fishery had done well for the past 10 years, the LLC recommended that the Village begin restocking a few fish to winter over in the lake.  Modest restocking was approved and beginning October 16th the following fish were added to Lake Potomac.  

140 5-8" largemouth bass

350 2-3" bluegill

fathead minnows


On October 24th, per IDNR recommendation 250 redear sunfish will also be added to Lake Potomac because they are know to forage on snails at a high population in the lake.


5-8" Largemouth Bass


3-5" Bluegill

Fathead Minnows