Emerging macrophyte nursery propagating beyond protective cage.

Shoreline Stabilization 

High Point Buffer Strip

Demonstration Project 

Biologists, conservationists, and  those who love nature and who enjoy viewing wildlife and natural vegetation all agree that shorelines should be preserved and stabilized. Shorelines can be stabilized by a variety of methods.  The method used usually depends on the personal desires of the private shoreline owner.   General shoreline stabilization methods are often cosmetically appealing and mechanically functional.  As your Lakes Commissioners we support the concept that a naturally-vegetated shoreline makes the best shoreline buffer zone.   This zone is called a "buffer" zone because it buffers the lake from the erosion and contamination by storm water runoff containing sediment, fertilizers and pesticides which harm the lakes.  Nutrient phosphates filtered out of  the runoff by plant roots helps to minimize the proliferation of unpleasant blooms of filamentous algae.  

It is our mission to help encourage the use of shoreline buffer strips for the health of our lakes and the surrounding ecosystem through the sharing of information.  Residents who own or use our shorelines can create, help restore or preserve our lake shores in private and public access areas.  

We share information and pictures on this site  with residents interested in creating, maintaining or improving shoreline buffer zones.  The shoreline of interest to you may be your own backyard or a public access area near you.  Residents are creating their own buffer zones as well as doing volunteer work on public access areas for the benefit of all who use them.  If the ice and snow are covering you buffer zone....It's Spring and make plans now.  It will not be long before the snow is gone and the warming earth will display the beautiful local native wildflowers, many of which appear in early spring.  

Below are examples of methods used for general shoreline stabilization and natural or planted buffer zones. 

For additional information on erosion control see shoreline stabilization.

 General Shoreline

Beneficial Buffer Zones

Groomed Lawn and Beach  Geese loves the Groomed Shoreline Natural Shoreline Buffer Strip Natural shoreline buffer strip
Landscape Rock  River rock shoreline Native Vegetation Natural shoreline vegetation
Landscape Boulders Boulder shoreline Native Vegetation and Macrophytes Native vegetation and emerging macrophytes
Limestone Rip Rap Limestone shoreline Landscaped Buffer Strip Landscaped buffer zone with purple loosestrife
Steel Seawall Sea wall unfriendly to wildlife Narrow Buffer Strip Narrow buffer strip
Cattails Natural Cattails Natural Shoreline with Macrophytes Natural shoreline with planted arrowhead and blue flag iris

Emerging Macrophytes You Can Plant


Recommended Shoreline Plants

Local Native Wildflowers For Buffer Zones


Teal Access Shoreline Restoration  

Teal Access Trail

Teal Plant Identification National Wildlife Backyard Habitat