Aquatic Retention Basin

Under development

Local landscaper Jim Bland is a biologist and his company specializes in designing and creating water retention basins.  The Providence Wood subdivision in Lindenhurst required an aquatic retention basin.  That basin is under construction.  Landscaping block walls partially surround the future wetland and drains.  The sloping walls of the retention pond have been covered with tackifier.  Tackifier is a landscaping mesh (close up picture) contains seeds for the introduction of beneficial vegetation to stabilize the shoreline.  In addition, blue flag iris, arrowhead and burr reed have been planted within the staked chicken wire enclosures.  These are attractive and beneficial emerging macrophytes, which will also stabilize the pond and utilize nutrients from storm water run off. 

This is an excellent example of what is required to fulfill the requirements of good storm water management under the new NPDES guidelines.  We will watch this area develop and water fills the basin and the plant life proliferates.





Takkifer mesh Click pictures to enlarge