Exciting News Flash:

 Golden Loosestrife Beetles have arrived in Lindenhurst and evidence of their attack on Lake Waterford Purple Loosestrife is show below.

These beetles are expensive -

the best part is that they showed up here for free.

Golden Loosestrife Beetle (Galerucella pusilla)

Purple Loosestrife is in bloom and looks pretty, but it is an insidious, invasive exotic plant that is taking over the marshlands and lakeshore of our county.  It displaces native shoreline plants and is a detriment to biodiversity.  As you drive around Lake county you can see it everywhere along the road in places you normally see cattails.

Please remove it from your shoreline.

Please pull it out, dig it out or treat it as soon as possible before it goes to seed.

If  you wish to treat the plant, the herbicide RODEO is the only approved treatment for use near water.  Other herbicides can cause serious damage to shoreline macrophytes and fish.  If you need some RODEO it can be obtained through the Lakes Commission.  Please contact us.   

Purple Loosestrife on Lake Waterford East Shore

Results of selectively treated Loosestrife at Teal access shoreline
Dead Loosestrife from Rodeo treatment

Spread, Impact, and Control of Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) in North American Wetlands  

New Loosestrife Loose   

Do NOT dump aquarium plants into our lakes!

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