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Village Ordinances Illinois Fishing Licenses
Lindenhurst Park District  Illinois Fishing Regulation
Illinois Department of Natural Resources  (IDNR) Wisconsin Fishing Licenses
(IDNR) Watercraft Registration Illinois Boat Registration & Safety Act Digest

Lake County Health Department

Lakes Management Unit (LCHD LMU)

North American Lake Management Society

Lake County Forest Preserve

Illinois Lakes Management Association (ILMA)

Lake Notes Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Cattail Chronicles Midwest Outdoors
IDNR Volo Bog  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - Midwest
Take Me Fishing Illinois - Indiana Sea Grant
 Illinois Aquatic Nuisance Species ChicagoWilderness
National Wildlife Backyard Habitat  Create a Backyard Habitat
No Phosphorus


Lake County Storm Water Management Commission
Center for Watershed Protection  Stormwater Management Commission
 Rain Garden Initiative  IDNR Conservation 2000
Protect Your Waters Site River Watch


Mr. Lyle Erickson McCloud Services - Aquatics Control
Mr. Frank Jakubicek IDNR District Fisheries Biologist  (Lake)
Mr. Victor Santucci IDNR District Fisheries Biologist  (McHenry)
Mike Adam, B.S., M.S., Water Quality Specialist LCHD Lakes Management Unit  and Staff

  Ken Andersen, Arborist

Parkway Tree Planting Guide

Emerald Ash Borer



Who's Allowed To Stock Lakes?   Phosphorus in Lake County
   Hooked Luring Fish and Anglers Zebra Mussels in Lake County    (2nd page)
 Greatest Lakes in the World Asian Carp and Why Are They A Problem 
 Great Lakes Primer Giant Asian Carp Caught
  Degradation by Road Salt   Northern Snakehead
Swimmers Itch   Natural Pest Control
Fishkills Tick ID


Aquatic - Non-Scents

Antidepressants Make For Sad Fish



Frogs: Weed killer creates real Mr. Moms

A Citizen's Guide - Riparian Area Management Dead Fish - Flexibactor columnaris
Spread, Impact, and Control of Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) in North American Wetlands
Where to Purchase Macrophytes
Keystone Hatcheries Richmond Fisheries

Gardens By Design

P.O. Box 758

Lake Villa, Il 60046


Marshland Transplant Aquatic Nursery

P.O. Box 1

Berlin, Wisconsin 54923


Agrecol Native Grasses & Wildflowers


The Natural Garden Inc.

38 W 443 Highway 64
St Charles, IL 60175

Lake County Health Dept. Vendor List Oak Prairie Farm