Lake Linden in Late Winter

How can I help?

Know your lakes

Lake Linden, Lake Waterford, Lake Potomac, Lake Springledge

Understand Top Down Management

To learn more read our Lake Management Philosophy.  The fish populations of our lakes are maintained in balance by utilization of Largemouth Bass and Muskie as predator species to control Bluegill populations.  Why not Crappies?   


Join us in planting, seining, surveying, educating and advising activities year round.

Know and obey Village fishing ordinances

State fishing regulations apply on all our lakes.  Special Catch and Release and live bait ordinances are in effect. 

Display Watercraft Stickers

Watercraft stickers are free and available to all village residents for all watercraft.  They must be displayed on watercraft per ordinance so we can control the use of our lakes resources and minimize abuse by non village residents.  [Note: all watercraft including peddle boats require state registration.  IDNR watercraft registration ]

Stabilize your shoreline

Add a buffer strip of 10 to 20 feet between your groomed lawn and the waters edge to stabilize the shoreline providing habitat to encourage wildlife and minimize fertilizer runoff into you lake.

Home and yard tips

Go to My Backyard for wildflower, plant and birding information.

     Plant emerging aquatic vegetation

Purchase, plant and enjoy the beauty of beneficial emerging macrophytes, native wildflowers and bushes on your shoreline

Remove purple loosestrife

Maintain your shoreline and keep it free of purple loosestrife and other invasive exotics.

Use no phosphate fertilizersPurchase Locations


Phosphorus in Lake County



Phosphate loading from our watershed causes excessive growth of filamentous algae.  Purchase no phosphate fertilizer at the following Lake County locations.  No-Phosphate Weed and Feed fertilizer is now also available.  The middle number on the fertilizer bag should be zero.

Report offenses

Please communicate to a Lakes Commissioner any concerns or call the Lindenhurst Police to report serious violations of fishing regulations.  They support us and respond quickly to remind folks of our State regulations and our local ordinances.

Attend LLC meetings and tell others about our WEB site

We meet at the Village Hall in the board room the third Tuesday of every other month.  Check for meeting information and minutes here.