of Lake Potomac


Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Fisheries Biologists Frank Jakubicek, Vic Santucci and Scott Bartell completed an electrofishing sampling of Lake Potomac on September 2, 2009.  Electrofishing utilizes a boat specially equipped with an electric generator which supplies a current into the water through electrodes on booms placed ahead of the bow of the boat.  The shocked fish are stunned and float to the surface where two biologists at the bow railing with long handled nets scoop them into a holding tank supplied with oxygen.  After a designated collection time each fish is identified, measured and weighed, logged and then released UNHARMED. 


The results of this survey were immediately obvious.  Only three bluegills and one small largemouth bass were captured and logged.  No undesirable species were detected.  Bluegills are know to spawn numerous times a season.  Numerous schools of YOY bluegill were observed (pictured below) indicating that there are some healthy adult bluegill in Lake Potomac.  The fisheries biologists made restocking recommendations.   Come to our meetings for the complete details.


Fisheries Biologist Lyle Erickson, McCloud Aquatic Services also treated our lakes that same day for the severe algae blooms we have been experiencing and was on Lake Potomac concurrently.


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The booms & electrodes

Ready to go


Cruising the shorelines

Checking the middle

More shoreline

Under the algae mats

No nets dipping!

Traffic Jam

The crew

The crew

The only LM Bass

YOY bluegill YOY bluegill