Memorial to "Doc"

The Tiger Muskie is the fastest growing fresh water fish.  It is a cross between a natural muskellunge and a northern pike.  This Tiger Muskie was introduced to Lake Waterford in 1998 one year before the lake was restarted.  As part of the catch, transfer and release program to save Largemouth Bass and Tiger Muskie from Lake Waterford, 660 Largemouth Bass and 12 Tiger Muskies were caught and moved.  All fish went into Lake Linden except for a few Tiger Muskies that were transferred to Outdoor World's BassPro shop in Gurnee Mills.  "Doc" as he came to be called began his new life the in hospital quarantine tank and then was moved to the "Hawg Trough".  Before long he was eating and damaging other tank mates.  It was not long before he was moved to the main tank where he lived and eat whatever he wanted.  Later renamed "Beethoven" by BassPro employees not know his history, He awed the crowds of onlookers as he grew in size to a massive 38 pounds and a length of 47 1/2 inches.  He was 12 pounds above the Illinois State record when he expired in March 2003.