Arroyhead in Jame's Fen


     Village Hall Macrophyte Nursery   

August 14, 2002


Commissioners Bill Roesler and John Bear under the supervision of Jim Stevens planted Blue flag iris and Arrowhead in the retention basin next to the Village Hall garage.



June 25, 2004


In just two years these plants have multiplied and the area is an excellent example of what can be done to both beautiful an areas as well as to mitigate stormwater run off in accordance with NPDES guidelines.


Retention area West of Village Hall garage before planting Arrowhead, Blue flag Iris and Bullrushes abound
Plants being delivered by Bill Arrowhead proliferating at the bottom of the fen
Bill and John planning the planting locations Arrowhead multiplying in the fen
Locating pots and digging holes Arrowhead shoots out rizomes to proliferate
John placing Arrowhead Jame's Fen at its best
Flag tags mark new plantings Bullrush dominating the bottom of the fen

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