Waste Treatment Plant Tour

On Tuesday May 18th the Lindenhurst Lakes Commission was given a tour of the state of the art facility on Grass Lake Road.  Village engineer Wes Welch took us through a plant having a 2 million gallon per day capacity, which is about twice the current water pumped and sewage treated per day.  The Village has 52 miles of water mains and 56 miles of sanitary sewers under its 4 sq. miles serving a population of 14,259 (2003 special census). 

Detailed information available below.

Thank you Wes for taking special time to give us an interesting and informative tour.

Commissioners donning rub gloves in preparation for the walk-through. Wes explaining the general operation of the plant. Influent pumping and screening building.
Back-up generator Reviewing the flow streams Discussion on oxidation and fermentation
Oxidation ditch operation and capacity discussion Viewing the clarifiers Viewing the out flow of chlorinated waste water and sulfur dioxide neutralization
Slew to Hastings Creek Slew to Hastings Creek State of the art SCARA system
Click to view page 1 of plant information sheet. Click to view page 2 of plant information sheet.
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